Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who will save your soul...

It goes well. *knocks on self* Don't get to say that often and the few times I've let that slip out, really bad things have followed to balance out the comment. But for now, hopefully it's safe to be honest and say it goes well.

Been mostly in remission 16 months now. The mostly is because any time I get back into my non-paleo-like eating habits, the inflammation pain returns very slowly and then gets angry. I normally wait to head it off more towards the angry point and try to ignore it until then. My stubborn streak hasn't changed. My finances are getting better, though, so that helps with the paleo cost. Biggest issue is I'm lazy when it comes to cooking; something I personally need to make a much more drastic effort to fix.

But when I stick with it, things are consistently shiny. Pain is near non-existent and only when it gets really cold or drastic weather changes do I feel anything at all. Considering it was in the 80's today and 50's tomorrow, have a feeling tonight and tomorrow are going to suck bum. It goes with the territory, though. And it's minimal and I'm happy to live with it as long as the constant daily pain stays away.

Strongly considering learning to fight again, but this time with live steel. The stage combat stuff has been put on hold due to lack of a teacher with time. Have joined up with a Viking reenactment group who are full of incredible win and awesome. Currently I'm considered a member of the Hearth, but at some point it would be nice to get back to being a Warrior. Just got to make sure I don't jack up my elbow again.

Yup, it goes well. For the moment I'm in a happy place in a lot of aspects in my life and I have to just keep praying that continues to last as long as I can hold on to it and be as prepared as one can to let it go if that's where the path leads. Still one day at a time and trying to make every day as shiny as possible.

Hope this finds all of you out in the interwebs doing well.


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